Seb128 post in Planet GNOME

Hi board,

I wanted to bring to our attention Sebastian blog that was published yesterday in planet GNOME. Personally speaking, I think it crosses the line. It targets one of the advisory board members, System76, in a less than good way. It also mentions that System76 doesn't try to work with us and determines by himself how the company should do it.

Carl Richell has commented in his blog, quite disgusted, and commented there that the GNOME community is quite toxic. This has spread towards the public too, and the perpection is that it's a GNOME developer criticising downstream again. This is not something we really want as our image towards advisory board members, or anyone.

I believe this has happened because Sebastian felt empowered by the recent trend of public shaming blog posts that targeted Canonical/Ubuntu recently. I don't recall Sebastian doing a blog post for a long time, neither he really contributes to GNOME afaics. My feeling is that it would be a good idea to start taking some general actions to slow down the trend and improve the situation.

My short-term suggestion is to proactively reach out to Carl and mention that we are sorry this appeared in planet GNOME and that he feels that way, that the board will discuss the matter and that we are open to suggestion on how we can improve the situation. Neil, what do you think?

Regardless of this, I hope you have a good Friday :-)


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