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Hi Sam, 

Just as an update, we talked about this a bit further during today's board meeting. Thanks again for bringing it up -- I agree with you that having clear community values is an important thing to consider as we continue to foster a healthy and vibrant community that produces great software. 

What we discussed today wasn't very different from what Philip and Allan already said, so sorry for the repetition here. The general feeling among the board is that we think that the GNOME Project's values are something that should be talked about more widely by the community and not just imposed by the board. The board definitely has a role to play in the definition though. 

The board is about to change in about a week or so, so this initiative is something that the new board might take on later (and we'll be opening a GitLab issue to track it). We will suggest to the new board that they discuss the topic at this year's Foundation Hackfest (usually in October), especially since I think it goes hand in hand with further defining the GNOME Foundation's goals. 

In the meantime, we were wondering if you might want to join the upcoming Engagement meeting and pitch the idea to them in case others are interested in helping to tackle this from the community / grassroots side. I think some people on the Engagement team are pretty focused on GUADEC organization right now, but it could be good to at least introduce the topic to them in case they want to talk about it further at the upcoming Engagement team hackfest in July, or at a GUADEC BoF, etc. I'll include the Engagement meeting info below in case you're interested in joining!


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Hi all,

On Friday (June 21st) at 17:00 UTC we will have our next engagement meeting call. Please feel free to add the topic(s) you would like to discuss about or give updates.

Etherpad link:

Join us here:


Nuritzi Sanchez 
President, Board of Directors

On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 8:11 AM Sam Hewitt <sam snwh org> wrote:

Glad to hear it's something the board is interested in. I'm all for working together or giving input on whatever's next, but while I'm sure there's much alignment I don't want to presume values by taking initiative, I'd rather defer to folks who've been around at the project longer than I have.

I like the idea of a privacy charter, since it's super in right now to have a strong stance on that, and I like Allan's blog post as a place to start with regards to a GNOME "manifesto". 



On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 9:45 AM Allan Day <aday gnome org> wrote:
Hey Sam!

On Tue, 11 Jun 2019 at 05:21, philip.chimento--- via board-list <board-list gnome org> wrote:

What are GNOME's values?

As I contributor I have some vague ideas, but I ask this because if someone visits looking for them, there's little on any of the pages (including those of the Foundation) that formalizes the guiding principles or values of the project as a whole.

There are some small references to GNOME's "goals" (which are values-adjacent) but nowhere do we go into detail about what those goals are: 

I know that there has been some discussion about making goals and values more prominent on the website, and I'm sure that the Engagement Team would welcome proposals. The About page *definitely* needs work.
 I propose some sort of formalization of values that is publicly available for everyone.

Strong principles and values are great motivators for people to get involved and a free software community & project that comes to mind that does this well is Mozilla. Mozilla not only has has clear declaration of values with their misson statement but they also publish the Mozilla Manifesto outlining the project's principles and I think it's a great example that we should emulate.

This is a great point, and I think that it would be good for the board to consider it.

Something I've wanted to do for a long while is to write a privacy charter for the project. It would be part privacy policy, part design guidelines for how we as a project should handle privacy issues.



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