GNOME's Values

Hi all,

What are GNOME's values?

As I contributor I have some vague ideas, but I ask this because if someone visits looking for them, there's little on any of the pages (including those of the Foundation) that formalizes the guiding principles or values of the project as a whole.

There are some small references to GNOME's "goals" (which are values-adjacent) but nowhere do we go into detail about what those goals are: 

The GNOME Foundation is a non-profit organization that furthers the goals of the GNOME Project, helping it to create a free software computing platform for the general public that is designed to be elegant, efficient, and easy to use.

Given GNOME is a free software project, it has already taken an ethical and moral position on a variety of issues, but what those positions are isn't clear if you read the project homepage. So I propose some sort of formalization of values that is publicly available for everyone.

Strong principles and values are great motivators for people to get involved and a free software community & project that comes to mind that does this well is Mozilla. Mozilla not only has has clear declaration of values with their misson statement but they also publish the Mozilla Manifesto outlining the project's principles and I think it's a great example that we should emulate.

That said, I think what it comes down to the question: is GNOME values-driven project or product-driven project or both? In my opinion the present website reflects a very product-focused view of the project but I think we clearly have values that guide us in developing GNOME and we should proudly state them!

Thanks and regards,

Sam Hewitt

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