GNOME Board candidacy

Dear Jeremy,

On behalf of myself and the current board I wanted to thank you for submitting your candidacy this year for the GNOME Board of directors election. It's unfortunate that the membership criteria in the bylaws do not permit your candidacy this year, as I believe your experience as a director and your perspective would be a valuable addition to the Board and helpful for the Foundation.

If you are interested in contributing to GNOME and the Foundation in other ways, it would certainly be possible for you to obtain membership over the coming year so that you could submit your candidacy again in next year's election.

One idea we had could be to (re-)add yourself to the GNOME Advisory Board as a representative from Google as it seems that only one of the permitted two seats are taken by Cat Allman, and that her attentions are primarily focused elsewhere at present. Additional input and engagement in this forum is always greatly appreciated from our corporate sponsors.

Additionally, depending on how much time you were able to commit, there are various officer roles, Board committees and other working groups/projects for which we could recommend you to the incoming Board (whoever they may be!).

Let me know if you'd like to discuss any of these possibilities with us, and thanks again for your interest in supporting the GNOME Foundation.

Many Thanks,

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