Re: A plea to get #60 truly fixed

Hi Alexandre,

Your email was put on the agenda for yesterday's board meeting, but we
unfortunately didn't have time to discuss it. However, we will discuss
it as soon as we're able.


Vice-President, GNOME Foundation Board of Directors

On Mon, 3 Jun 2019 at 11:48, Alexandre Franke <afranke gnome org> wrote:


My intention is not to make a fuss, so I’m sending this as a private
email to the board rather than commenting on the public issue
directly. I believe I have been wronged in the handling of and I’m seeking your
benevolence in order to get closure. I know it’s been more than half a
year since we last touched on the topic, but I reckon this is a good
thing as it gave everyone involved time to take a step back and be
more objective about it.

My issue is that in Philip’s “addendum stating explicitly that [I]
asked for [my] dissent to be recorded.” he did not copy the minutes
but rather rephrase them in his own words. Now I am not questioning
that it was done in good faith, as is stated later in the gitlab
issue, but I am pretty sure the phrasing is mischaracterizing my
initial statement that was recorded in the minutes[0]. The public
minutes of the board meeting from October 9th 2018 state:
This seems unnecessary just for one line from the minutes. Alexandre could have replied to the email 
This is actually not true. As I am not a board member anymore, I just
don’t have access to the old private minutes and thus I was (and still
am) unable to get the information to publish it, or even just to check
that the addendum is an accurate representation of my initial

I am asking for a verbatim copy of the relevant lines from the minutes
of the meeting of May 27th to be published.

I wish did not have to bring this up again and I hope you won’t resent
me for that, but it is difficult for me to move on as it is and I
thank you in advance for your understanding. If anything is unclear,
by all means do not hesitate to ask me for more details. I won’t try
to convince anyone if it turns out there was indeed a difference
between my statement and its interpretation in the addendum, but I am
willing to clarify it if any of you wants to know once the copy has
been released.


[0] Benjamin’s comment at expands on

Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker

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