Thunderbird and the Foundation

Hi all,

Please note, this is /highly/ confidential.

At LAS, I was talking to someone who's on the Thunderbird Council.
They've had a series of subtle and not-so-subtle hints from Mozilla
that are concerning them, and may be looking for a new home.

I offered my advice on some options, including setting up a new
Foundation for them (though I cautioned against this), or joining an
existing one. Currently, they're looking at Conservancy or us.

Now, this may not happen, or if it does, it may take months. However,
there's also the chance that it could be something that happens rather
rapidly. Thus, I'm giving a heads up that this may appear at short

As a headline, they have 4 members of staff, approximately 500k/year in
revenue, and 1.5M cash in the bank. I believe that joining the GNOME
Foundation as a project would be the right move for them to make, and
would benefit the Foundation and our ecosystem as a whole. I don't have
too many more details at the moment, but will try and answer any
questions you do have. Obviously, if this does appear as something
that's likely to happen, I'll bring it up in a board meeting.

Neil McGovern
Executive Director, The GNOME Foundation

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