Re: Improving the gnome UI/UX

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your message; I'm afraid we can't help you in this case. The GNOME Foundation board of directors cannot make technical decisions for the GNOME project.

I suggest you contact the GNOME design team to discuss these suggestions. With my contributor hat on, though, fair warning: a complete redesign is a multi-year project, and can be fraught because everyone has their own opinions about appearance. The Wikipedia community has a really nice page on the good and bad parts of redesign proposals, not everything applies to GNOME, but it's worth a read:
I think your case would be strengthened, if you familiarize yourself with the current plans of the design team and how your proposal fits in with the desired direction, have something tangible to point to such as a wildly popular theme that implements the appearance you are suggesting, and have the ability to commit the time necessary to implement it in GNOME.

Best regards,
Philip Chimento
GNOME Foundation, Board of Directors

On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 4:47 AM Alexander Alders via board-list <board-list gnome org> wrote:
Good afternoon!
I'm a big fan of the gnome interface, and even though i didn't do much to improve it but some few themes, i wanted to thank you for your great work.
I also wanted to say that i think the actual gnome UI is outdated, and needs a major changes, i truly hope that in the next year i see a total new ui.
What i can propose is a white background for windows instead of the old grey, brighter colors no 3d shadows in buttons, more shadows in windows and pop-ups, i also propose a new default font, we are in 2018/19 and i think that the gnome should match up the new designs.
I hope we can see something close to a merge between Material design and Apple design.
Best regards.

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