Outreachy sponsorship

Dear GNOME Foundation Board,

I'm writing to see if the GNOME Foundation will be able to sponsor
GNOME's participation in Outreachy in the December 2018 round.
Sponsorship per intern is $6,500 and I'm wondering if with the recent
donations GNOME had you would be able to commit to sponsoring more
than one intern. Outreachy application system now allows communities
to list how many interns they have a sponsorship commitment for and
having a higher number there typically results in more applicants.
I.e. if the GNOME Foundation can sponsor 2 or 3 interns, it would be
good to list that up-front. If GNOME ends up with fewer strong
applicants than it said it could fund, GNOME would only need to
provide funding for the number of strong applicants it wants to

Unfortunately, Red Hat won't be able to provide sponsorship for GNOME
this round. I know that Endless would like to support Outreachy via
its general support of the GNOME Foundation and not as a direct
sponsor. I didn't hear back from Ken Vandine from Canonical when I
reached out to him about sponsorship for the last round, but please
let me know if you would like me to check with him again.

Outreachy applications open on September 19, so hearing your decision
sometime before that would be great. I'll make a call for mentors as
soon as I do. I know that Jim Hall has already posted about his
interest in mentoring one or more usability testing interns:


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