Fwd: [adboard] Advisory Board meeting minutes of July 5, 2018

Hi board friends,

It wasn't clear to me if everyone was able to read advisory-board gnome org or not (it seemed from Neil's email that it should have happened automatically but didn't) so here's the forwarded response to our adboard meeting minutes:

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From: John Sullivan <johns fsf org>
Date: Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 9:13 PM
Subject: Re: [adboard] Advisory Board meeting minutes of July 5, 2018
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Thanks for these notes -- Sorry I couldn't be there. One point caught my

"philip.chimento--- via advisory-board" <advisory-board gnome org>

> Discussion about cross-community situations, for example: does being
> expelled at DebConf mean a ban from GUADEC as well? Discussion about
> privacy vs. other attendees not feeling safe around known offenders.
> Contacting employers can be an opportunity to course-correct. Christel is
> interested in helping to refine code of conduct policies.

This is something we are interested in and have discussed to some extent
with regard to the code of conduct for FSF events (like LibrePlanet).

It seems to me that behaviors of a certain severity/kind ought to be
shared between events. I'm not aware of anyone sharing information
(formally) in this way, though, and it may require revisions to event
privacy policies. In any case, if anyone starts talking about it, I'm
interested. :) And maybe a few events with typically overlapping sets of
attendees should start some arrangement (DebConf, LibrePlanet, GUADEC,
for example...?)


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