Ismael donation to Club de Cacharreo answer

Hello board, could you take a look at the email I'll send to Ismael regarding the donation for Club de Cacharreo? I'll send it in Thursday or so:

Hi Ismael,

First of all, thanks again for the herculean effort on GUADEC, we really appreciate how well it went.

We have discussed the proposal of making a cash donation from the GNOME foundation towards Club de Cacharreo for their help on organizing GUADEC. Unfortunately, this is quite tricky as GNOME Foundation is a charity and the investments need to have specific purposes related to GNOME for activities that happen in the future.

Now, we would like to encourage you to approach us for future GNOME activities of Club de Cacharreo where we can help, we are definitely interested in helping bring GNOME to more people and would love to see Club de Cacharreo active and healthy.

Hope everything is going well Ismael!

Carlos Soriano
On behalf of the GNOME Foundation

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