Re: Events Code of Conduct: CoC Working Group status

Robert McQueen <ramcq gnome org> wrote:
My view on this: a "working group" is an informal thing, so the board
doesn't have the power to create or disband one. As such, the
existence of the working group isn't a board matter per se.

Where did the working group come from in fact?

It was self-organised after GUADEC 2016. Its existence and its
membership were never ratified by the board. The group did have a list
of members, but although it never had any process for membership, and
the membership list wasn't kept up to date.

It looks to me like a previous board did vote to delegate certain
responsibilities to the working group:

My view has been that that vote was mostly a public statement - a
blessing, as it were. This is partly because of what I saw as the
informal nature of the working group, and partly because it was a
drafting process only - theoretically, anyone could draft a code of
conduct; the board doesn't have exclusive power over that.


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