Re: Events Code of Conduct: CoC Working Group status

On Mon, 2018-07-30 at 13:54 +0100, Allan Day wrote:
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Benjamin Berg <benjamin sipsolutions net> wrote:
Could the Board please clarify what the status of the working group

My view on this: a "working group" is an informal thing, so the board
doesn't have the power to create or disband one. As such, the
existence of the working group isn't a board matter per se.

Where did the working group come from in fact?

It looks to me like a previous board did vote to delegate certain
responsibilities to the working group:

That said, when the board created the Code of Conduct Committee, it
gave it responsibility for developing codes of conduct in the future.
This implies that the board doesn't want other groups working on
of conduct. Of course, this doesn't preclude the Code of Conduct
Committee from working with non-committee members if they want to.

Would it be clearer for the board to state that they have no further
expectation/requirement from the WG and consider the matter delegated
in full to the CoC committee to continue from hereon?



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