Events Code of Conduct: CoC Working Group status

Hi Board,

quite a lot of the work on the events Code of Conduct (CoC) and some
related documents like the guidelines happened in the Code of Conduct
working group (WG) which was specifically formed for the purpose[1]. As
such, the members of this WG should be in a good position to continue
the work and address open issues. Using the working group also enables
community members to get involved in this area.

However, it appears to me, that the intention of the *previous* Board
was that the work is done by the invitation only Code of Conduct
committee in the future. The task of working on these documents has
been assigned to the Code of Conduct committee in their charter[2].
Also, in the Board's ticket on the matter, there is a well hidden note
that "the working group will be disbanded"[3].

That said, the vote[4] on the committee charter does not include any
such decision. I am also not aware of any communication from the Board
to the working group that suggests such a decision has been made.

Could the Board please clarify what the status of the working group is?


[1] Though unfortunately only until the point where the chair started
to neglect their responsibilities.
    (see bottom of the comment which contains an early draft)
 * Code of Conduct Committee (Nuritzi)
   * VOTE: approve the charter, with the amendment to state that the
board appoints or remove members.
     * +1 Nuritzi, Carlos, Cosimo, Meg, Didier, Allan - unanimous

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