Re: Events Code of Conduct: Effects on Hackfests

On Fri, 2018-07-20 at 18:18 +0100, Allan Day wrote:
Benjamin Berg <benjamin sipsolutions net> wrote:
However, I don't think your response clearly answers my question. And I
do think it is important to understand possible implications of Board
decisions as they may directly affect community members who organise

My current understanding of your response is, that the CoC committee
holds the all of the above powers for all "GNOME events" (unless maybe
an explicit exception has been made). Is that interpretation correct?

That's my understanding (but again, that's a purely formal reading - I
don't see it happening in practice).

You are repeatedly insisting, that the Code of Conduct (CoC) committee
will never make use of these far reaching powers (only stopping at
permanent sanctions such as "removal of Foundation membership").

I find this rather contradictory. Why would the Board explicitly grant
such far reaching powers, if it does not expect the committee to ever
use them?

If the Board trusts local organisers to collaborate with the CoC
committee and decide on sanctions together with them, then these powers
are not necessary. Yet, the Board has chosen to explicitly grant these
powers, meaning that organisers are instead compelled to implement
decisions by the committee. This appears to imply a distrust against
organisers to live up to their responsibilities.


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