Events Code of Conduct: Ratification by the community


This is more of a question to the previous board.

Note that it may well be that I have simply missed the information in
the minutes. It could also be that the information is currently not
available to me as the minutes containing the ratification vote are
currently still private[1][2].

This question relates to the original Board ticket[2] on the topic and
an earlier meeting discussing the event Code of Conduct and
ratification[3]. This ticket says that the "board needs to consider
letting the community vote eventually". The referenced meeting suggests
an "affirmation vote at GUADEC" was planned.

However, no such vote by the community has happened. Instead, it
appears that the Board ratified the event Code of Conduct and related
documents without further community involvement.

Could the Board please elaborate as to why these considerations were
dismissed again at a later point?



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