Re: [Private] Donation to "Club Cacharreo", request by Ismael Olea

On 12 July 2018 at 11:09, Allan Day <aday gnome org> wrote:
Carlos Soriano <csoriano gnome org> wrote:
Yeah, it is the legal entity behind organizing GUADEC.

More details about the entity are in the email Ismael sent in the past to the board titled "Legal 
information about club cacharreo".

I'd like to know about the goals and activities of Club Cacharreo. I'd
also like to know how much work they put into this year's GUADEC.

Hi, that's a little difficult to define as Ismael is a core part of CdC.

Outside of Ismael's work, CdC handled (partially or completely)
accounting, invoicing, payments, contracts, bookings, budget updates
and is going to handle taxes. These are only the contributions that I
am aware of, there may be others.

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