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Hi Wilfer,

Thanks for your message! This looks like a really fantastic project.

The GNOME Board is not responsible for defining which components are included in the releases made by the GNOME project. This is the responsibility of the GNOME Project's Release Team. There is a process for proposing modules for inclusion in GNOME, which is documented at One criteria that they consider is the use of GNOME infrastructure - now that GNOME has moved to Gitlab, one step you could take is to consider relocating your project to use as part of this process.

Although it's not the trademark of the GNOME Foundation (and I am not a lawyer, so you can ignore this if you wish), I would suggest you consider changing your project name so that it doesn't contain the word Arduino so there is no confusion about whether it's an official - you can use the word Arduino to refer to their boards/products, but it might be confusing for you to use the word/name Arduino in the name of your project too.

Finally, you might consider checking out Flathub (see and see if you could make a Flatpak of your project. This will allow people to download and try it ready to run on any modern Linux system, and it will help you get visibility, users and potential contributors.

Many Thanks,
GNOME Board member

On Mon, 2018-07-09 at 22:23 -0500, Wilfer Ciro (Geary 🎸) via board-list wrote:
Hi, I am Wilfer Ciro from Colombia, I am developing an application with python and Gtk+, at this moment it is 65% ~ 70% of development, and I would like, if it is possible to contribute my bit with this program, and in the process have a little support from Gnome in the distribution of it if they consider it relevant, of course.

It is an IDE to program Arduino cards, with an elegant, pleasant and intuitive design, I hope to have it ready in one or two months, my idea with this is to facilitate and reduce unnecessary consumption of memory by the official IDE and generate an alternative that is coupled to the Gnome environment, here I leave the link and I would like to know if my request is relevant or I must do it by other means, thank you very much, good night
Wilfer Daniel Ciro Maya...

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