[Private] Donation to "Club Cacharreo", request by Ismael Olea

Hello board,

Ismael mentioned that the nonprofit ran by Ismael and others "Club Cacharreo" and Ismael himself would feel very glad if the GNOME foundation would provide a donation in form of thank you for all the work done to Club Cacharreo.

I mentioned that as a non-profit ourselves we don't usually provide money to other non-profits, but that I will raise it to the board.

While he didn't mention any amount and sounds like anything will make him happy, PyCon donated 2000$ (50% of the profit) to "Club Cacharreo" with an attendance of 420 people. So I believe if we were going to do it $500-$1000 would be okay.

Did we do something similar in the past? What do you all think?


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