New GitLab Hierarchy Proposal

Hi Board,

As a result of trying to streamline GUADEC organization and Engagement team activities, we have a number of small changes to the existing GitLab hierarchy to propose. We think these will improve our long-term community growth on GitLab by making it easier for teams and new users to navigate. 

Our proposal aims to give teams more control over the organization of their projects without compromising the security of other projects. 

This proposal aims to give the GNOME Foundation a root-level project of their own and to move the Board GitLab project under it. 

Before making any changes to the GitLab hierarchy, we'd like to get feedback from stakeholders and community members. 

@All - Since you are each on different GNOME teams, can each of you please help me get feedback from other stakeholders I've missed (e.g. @Allan & design team). So far I've sent a similar message as this to the engagement and desktop developers lists. 

If you're interested in this issue, please chime in on:


Nuritzi Sanchez 
President, Board of Directors

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