Invite GNOME Board

Dear Board, 


Hope you enjoy your GUADEC now. 


I am writing to inviting Board to attend the COSCon 2018 to present GNOME Foundation. 


COSCON (China Open Source Conference), one of the biggest annual open source conference in China, the 4th edition which will be hosted on Oct 20 -21, 2018, Shenzhen, China. The Conference was organized by Kaiyuanshe which is ground-up open source alliance in China. 


Last year, Nuritzi gave a keynote on COSCon 2017 and helped to build GNOME China Community. We would like to hear GNOME's voice in 2018 COSCon again. If GNOME is interested in coming, we will reserved Keynote speech slot for GNOME Foundation in this China's top OSS conference. 


For the detail invitation letter and proposal for COSCon 2018, please see attachment. 


@bin Li is in the GUADEC now, he was Kaiyuanshe board in the past 3 years. Feel free to talk with Bin is GNOME board is interested to go China COSCon 2018. 



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