GNOME Users and Developers European Conference -GUADEC 2020

Dear Mr Cecchi, 

am writing to you on behalf of the Convention Bureau Riviera di Rimini as I would like to explore with you the opportunity for Rimini, Italy, to host the future GNOME Users and Developers European Conference -GUADEC.

Our research has highlighted that the bid deadline for the 2019  was in May and unfortunately we missed that deadline. As we know that this conference is  on an annual basis we are trying to understand  when the next conference bid should come up soon for the future annual conference in 2020. 

We understand also that GNOME User and Developers European Conference has never been in Italy .

We would be very much interest to understand if the GNOME Users and Developers European Conference -GUADEC.

Annual  rotation could bring this conference to Italy and for these reason we would like to understand if GNOME Foundation will be interested in considering Italy and therefore Rimini as location for a future 2020 congress as we believe that Rimini could put forward a strong case for holding this event having a very strong University and Local Associations that can support this conference.

Also Palacongressi of Rimini has been recognised for the second time in a row "the best Convention centre of the Italian region"; its modern venue and fantastic facilities are able to host very large conventions with high attendance of visitors and its central position, accessible from many locations nationally and internationally thanks to Rimini airport and the vicinity of Bologna International airport  with many international inbound flights to choose from. 

Please take a look at the link below, the official conference site for Rimini and the Palacongressi Convention centre: 

Should Rimini be considered an interesting proposition for your GNOME society please could you advise on your process for selecting a future host city? Do you have more informations for exploration and document/site selection criteria that we could review?
Can you advise us on the Italian correspondent association affiliate to your Association or let us know if only European Associate members can bid and  kindly send us the information in regards the Italian Chapters? 
I have no doubt that our team's experience and our superb facilities would make the hosting of this event a huge success. 

We are keen to attract your event to Rimini and would be delighted to put together a proposal for this bid and we would very much appreciate your support in providing the informations above.

If you would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or on the number given below.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Alessandra Harrison

Conference Researcher

t: +44 1625 460436

E-mail; research riminiconvention it

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