Filling the secretary position

Hi all,

As you know, Alexandre resigned as secretary. This means that we need
a new secretary!

The bylaws are a bit vague on how officers are appointed (they just
say "shall be chosen annually by the board"), but we've generally used
a system where people nominate themselves and then the board votes on
the available nominees.

I've been filling in as secretary since Alexandre stepped down, and
nominate myself as a candidate for the secretary position. Does anyone
else want to nominate themselves?

Regarding my nomination: I'm currently vice-president, which means
that I've been chairing meetings when Nuritzi isn't present, but I
don't think I can chair meetings and take minutes at the same time.
The vice-secretary could fill in if this happens, but we could of
course have the situation where both Nuritzi and Cosimo aren't at a
meeting. Options here:

 1. We appoint another vice-president (you can have more than one,
although I'd be fine with giving up my vice-president position too)
 2. We appoint a chairperson [1, 2, 3]
 3. We figure something out on an ad hoc basis


[1] The minutes from our 2017 GUADEC meeting state that we elected a
chair and a vice chair -
. I don't think that this can be correct. Section 10.1 of the bylaws
are clear that we have to appoint a president and at least one
vice-president, and that a chairperson is optional.

[2] According to the bylaws, a chairperson is an optional position:.

 * Section 10.1 - "The officers of the Corporation shall be a Chairman
of the Board (if appointed by the Board), a President, one or more
Vice Presidents (the number thereof to be determined
by the Board), a Secretary, a Treasurer and such other officers"
 * Section 10.7 -  "The President shall also act as the Chairman if
none has been appointed."
 but it does imply that the chairperson is the default chair rather
than the president, if one is appointed:

[3] The bylaws do state that the chairman has to be the default chair
of board meetings (not the president):

 * Section 10.6 - "The Chairman of the Board, if there be such an
officer, shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors"

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