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On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 8:17 PM, Nuritzi Sanchez
<nuritzis stanfordalumni org> wrote:
Hi Board,


Before I move on to the feedback part, I want to say that I see our
increase in marketing expenses as a good thing. However I think we
should be careful what we spend that money on.

#North America Travel Box

A few feedback items:

* The old box is at Emily’s and she recently said she’d be happy to
get rid of it, this should be taken into account even if parts have to
be replaced, if only for the box itself.
* $100 for a sturdy Pelicase-like box seems quite underbudgeted.
* The budget is supposedly based on Kat’s for the European box, and
the total amounts are about the same, but some items are considerably
more expensive ($700 for new box + shipping vs. $150 for shipping).
I’m trying to see what has been cut from Kat’s budget to make yours
fit in the same total, but I fail. Can you tell us more about what you
* Shipping should probably be independent from the budget to “make”
the box as it’s not a long term investment but an operating cost.

# Other conference costs

$500 for a conference looks very expensive. We’ve had stands at lots
of conferences in Europe over the last decade and I’m pretty sure we
never got close to that amount. FOSDEM is not to be taken as an
example in this regard as it is the biggest non GNOME event we attend,
we have a lot of people on both sides of the stand and it’s
traditionally the time when we get swag that gets sold during the rest
of the year.

One item in particular made my eyes pop out:
Table top sign with the GNOME logo and things like t-shirt sales info,
free give aways. Made out of foamcore, so probably not very reusable

This sounds terrible both ecologically and financially. Hand written
signs work well enough and allow for improvisation if any last minute
information need to be added. If one wants to get fancy, they could go
for printing on paper. But throwing money at something that ends up in
the trash is hopefully something we won’t encourage.

As a more general rule, I’d rather go with a smaller amount for the
first conferences that request it and see how it goes. I’d also ask
people that have organized stands in the past for input. Tobias
Müller, Kat and Bastien Nocera come to mind, but more people can be
found by digging the Events namespace on the wiki.

So I’m making a counter proposal of $2000, aiming at $200 per event. I
don’t see a timeframe in your initial request, I’m going to assume it
was on a “until it runs out” basis.


Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker & Foundation Director

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