Re: Contract revisiting

Alexandre Franke <afranke gnome org> wrote:
On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 12:30 AM, Rosanna Yuen <zana gnome org> wrote:
Karen as ED negotiated the original rate (USD$18) with Andrea and it was
approved by the board in the beginning of 2013. At some point, the currency
fluctuations were making Andrea uncomfortable, and the rate was converted
and pinned to EUR€14, which is where we stand now.

Thanks for the numbers Rosanna - very useful!

Dates Number of hours
12/22 - 2/6 80
11/8 - 12/22 60
8/8 - 11/8  80
6/14 - 8/8  40
2/25 - 6/14 80

So that was 340 for the year. Not a huge amount.

According to my rough maths, Andrea's doing about 30 hours a month at
around $17 an hour. That means we've probably paid him around $5,900
in the last year.

I’d like to suggest we offer Andrea a rate of 16€/hr. This 14%
increase looks reasonable to me for both parties as it’s not
ridiculously low, yet not high enough that it would have a significant
impact on the Foundation finances given the yearly total.

I agree that COLA adjustments alone are too low, and my view is that
we ought to consider experience, responsibilities and performance.
16€/hr still looks low to me, considering what Andrea does for us,
although I'm uncertain what a good rate would look like.

It would be useful to have records of what was said when the rate was
originally agreed, although I'm guessing the chances of that are low?

I'd be open to automatically applying a COLA adjustment each year, as
we do with Rosanna.


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