Laptop for the GNOME box

Hi board,

I decided that the most appropriate laptop for the events box will be
an XPS15 2-in-1. As you may know, these are due to be released in a
few months so I cannot buy one just yet. In the mean time, I've
managed to secure the loan of one for JDLL from someone who works on
enabling them on Linux/making them work with GNOME. Obviously this
loan machine will need to be returned as it technically belongs to
Dell and we will need to acquire one later. The loan machine will live
in the box until the laptop is available to the general public.

What this means is that firstly that I will send this expense in at a
much later date than I originally anticipated and secondly, if it is
possible for you (plural) to find someone to sponsor this machine,
then there's some extra time to do so.

I'm not including the engagement list in this email because the loan
should not be publicised.


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