Re: Increasing the Marketing budget for 2018

Hi Nuritzi,

Thanks for all this detail - very useful!

Nuritzi Sanchez <nuritzis stanfordalumni org> wrote:
Context: We used to have a North American travel box, but we have tried to retrieve it several times and 
have been unable to do so. Based on the previous effort made, we have marked it as "lost." Recently, there 
has been more activity at conferences in the US, and we would like to keep expanding our presence at 
conferences in North America. We already have a table cloth, but are in need of things like a laptop, 
display monitor, etc.

Request: We would like to have a large box that we can ship around the US when needed, and also a small box 
that can be sent if there is only need for basic things like a tablecloth, flyers, and stickers. The total 
estimated cost for both boxes is $3,350 USD and is based on Kat's European box estimate.

When the board discussed this last, it was asked whether there was
demand for one box, but now it seems that the request is for two
boxes. Is the full box with all the kit really necessary? Perhaps it
would be better to gain experience with one box before expanding to

Use: Here are some cases where we think it will be used this year:

SCALE 16x, Nuritzi
Ohio Linuxfest, Meg's contacts
Flourish, Meg's contacts
All Things Open, Michael Hall
Linuxfest Northwest, Sri

Will these events be using the small or the large box?



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