Re: Adboard/board meetings at GUADEC?

Le 15/02/2018 à 15:53, Nuritzi Sanchez a écrit :
Are we doing 1 day of board meetings or 2 days? I remember people thought 2 days may have been too intense and I think that the hackfest helped get some in-person work out of the way. I prefer having just 1 day, what about others?

Re: AdBoard: I assume we will do Friday the 6th, but we should decide what time to begin. I liked having the meeting start in the morning, break for lunch, and then end before the pre-registration event. Should we do a full day AdBoard meeting again?

Unsure how long those are, but if everything can fit in one day and we start in the morning, it WFM.


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On Feb 15, 2018, at 10:20 AM, Ekaterina Gerasimova <kat gnome org> wrote:

Hi board,

Can you please share with us the dates when you'd like to hold the
board/adboard meetings at GUADEC? We need this information for room
and hotel bookings.


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