Increasing the Marketing budget for 2018

Hi Board,

Before I begin, I wanted to say that I'm sending this email with my Engagement Team hat on to avoid confusion. I'm still learning how to change hats effectively, so advice on how to keep improving that is welcome!

Request: on behalf of the Marketing team, I'd like to ask the Board for a marketing budget increase of $11,370 USD. Since the board has already approved $6,000 USD for 2018, my request means that the total marketing budget for 2018 would rise to $17,370 USD. 

Here is a summary of how we would use the budget: 

ItemDescriptionCost (USD)
Stickers8 distribution centers$3,906.00
Shipping costs for stickers for local outreachShipping can cost between $10 and $25 $500.00
ConferencesSupposing we have a budget of $500 for 10 conferences this year$5,000.00
Travel box for Europe$3,300.00
Travel boxes for US$3,350.00
GNOME Socks for FOSDEM$1,314.00

The major thing that changed here is supporting conferences worldwide this year and handling the recent requests for travel box refreshes. 

We also hadn't taken into account FOSDEM costs and are trying to figure out how to integrate that better next year. The costs for FOSDEM have already occurred, so we are adding them to the budget retroactively. I believe that Bastian sold the socks, so some, if not all, of the money that we fronted there would be recovered.

Relevant deadlines: 

March 7th - SCALE 16x is happening on March 7th and I'd love to have the US box up and running by then since we are trying to run a GNOME booth again there this year. I would need enough time to purchase things before I leave for the conference.

March 24th - Kat is hoping to have the European box ready and shipped in time for the JDLL conference on the 24th of March. This means that we should try to respond to her request asap so that she can buy all the things she needs. 

I am hoping Allan can help chair this item in the agenda today so that I can represent the Engagement team. 

Since this is the first time we're putting in place the new policies, and also potentially allocating a larger budget to Marketing needs, I recognize that there may be hiccups and I will do my best to provide any additional information you need, or else come back to the Board with more information soon after our call. 

Thanks in advance for your collaboration on this!



Nuritzi Sanchez  |  +1.650.218.7388 |  Endless 

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