Relinquishing some responsibilities


The current situation regarding the travel committee makes me confused
and uncomfortable. Therefore, I withdraw from any involvement I had in
that matter and suggest the board appoints someone else to communicate
any information, as well as to handle the biannual call. I’m happy to
let the committee know I won’t be the one on the call after all, if
you want me to ease the transition as soon as you have made your

The way the minutes have been handled in the past month, and
especially the recent publication and replies from board members to
the community response leave me disheartened. Most notably Cosimo
publicly stated in
As the Vice-Secretary, I take my share of responsibility for that,
and want to take this opportunity to extend my apologies to the
community for the delay,

which implies that the secretary and vice-secretary were to blame for
the situation. I cannot endorse that statement given the number of
times I issued warnings about it. Interestingly enough, the reason I
held off publishing (a decision becoming public via the minutes before
it was officially announced and confusion ensuing) is exactly what
happened and the membership was prompt to highlight the issue.

My warnings and calls to action had no effect. I do not feel the
current circumstances allow me to do a good job as the secretary. I am
thus stepping down from my secretary position, effective immediately.


Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker & Foundation Director

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