Re: Are there additional funds for hackfests?

On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 11:41 AM, Nuritzi Sanchez <nuritzi gnome org> wrote:
I'm also sending an internal-board email for this one so we can respond in a timely and aligned manner. The Recipes Hackfest is happening very soon (Feb 28th), so we should give the travel committee an update about the extra funds ASAP. 

It sounds like there are a few actions here. Are these the right ones / only ones? 
  • @Cosimo to ask Endless employees not to disclose the anonymous donation info in the future
Yeah, my bad. I thought I did that, but it looked like I had failed to mention it to everybody that was going to apply.
I already notified the people involved so that this doesn't happen in the future. I trust the TC not to spread it further in this case, but we should probably explain that to Kat.
  • @Alexandre to share the wiki page about the donations with the travel committee when it is created. However, since the hackfest is happening so soon, maybe we do something else as a stopgap sooner? Any suggestions? 
I may be confused, but we had already agreed in our last call that Alexandre would communicate this to the TC.
I still think that it's the best course of action, and it can be a simple follow-up to the email you sent to Kat, Nurtizi.


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