Re: LAS update email

Carlos Soriano <csoriano gnome org> wrote:
Hello all,

Unfortunately I felt behind on sending an email to the LAS team and I forgot
some details. I wrote this email, is there something missing?

Hello Sri,

To wrap up our points during the call and further discussions the board had:

We believe LAS initiative is good and well intended, and the board thanks
the LAS team for their effort.
We are fine to provide the budget necessary to cover the venue. Because of
that we are in a different footing, so the board would like the event to be
more relevant to GNOME. For that, we came up with the idea of having a
minimal amount of talks and workshops related to GNOME technologies. We are
open for more ideas, and would appreciate the LAS team to come up with some.
We would like to evaluate a new proposal with the previous point addressed
and the budget and possible sponsors more settled.

We look forward to your answer, and thanks again for the effort!

Thanks for this, Carlos! It looks good in general, but I find the
second bullet a little hard to follow and I'm not sure about some of
the points there.

I'm not sure we should offer to fund the venue until we've seen a
proposal and voted on it. What we could say is that we would welcome a
fresh proposal that addresses the points we discussed. From my memory
of our previous meetings, one key point is that LAS be a GNOME event,
with GNOME branding.


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