Updates to the European events box

Hi board,

The European events box hardware has become outdated and it's bulky,
which makes the box more heavy and awkward to transport than it needs
to be.

I would like to request ~£2000 to buy some new equipment. The current
hardware that's in the box is about 8 years old.

Specifically, I want to replace the current desktop, screen, keyboard,
mouse, batteries and cabling with a 14-15" hidpi touchscreen laptop
and a decent power socket converter. Please note that the screen which
currently lives in the box is one that belongs to me and I would like
to have it back.

I also want to buy some tupperware tubs that would stack to replace
the current, random sized icecream tubs which are used to store
stickers, pens, etc.

And finally, I want to replace the faded and damaged banners that have
been in there for 10 years with some new ones.

With the updated contents, I think we'd be able to ship more swag for
sale where needed, which would also make the box more versatile.

In the long term, I would also be interested in getting a thin, light,
second screen for the box, but I don't think we need it right now and
I would need to investigate what size of screen can fit in there once
the rest of the contents is updated.

In terms of what sort of laptop I think should go in the box, I would
like it to be like an XPS15 or a Lenovo Yoga. I think it should have a
hidpi touchscreen and should be at least a 14".

Alternatively, can you get a laptop donated by someone in the next few
weeks? I would like to have new hardware in the box before it goes to
Lyon for JDLL.

Also, please approve some funds to ship the box to Lyon with DHL or UPS.

To summarise, I want the board to give me some funds to:
- update the box contents (around £2000)
- ship the box to the next event (probably under £100)

I would also need some guidance on what to do with the old contents. I
would, for example, be happy to sell it on eBay and give the money to
the Foundation or ship it to a Foundation member who would find it
useful. I'd be happy to blog and ask if anyone is interested.


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