Email for Benjamin

Hey all,

Find here the email I wrote to answer Benjamin's email. If noone says something against by Wednesday I will send it to him. I'll appreciate any typo correction or concerns about the wording used.


Hello Benjamin,

The board has discussed your email recently. I want to clarify that it was difficult for us to understand the whole context and to identify what we could do.

We believe that most of your questions and concerns will be answered by the Code Of Conduct for Events that the board and the CoC committee is working on. We are aware you are part of it. We don't think we can go back and fix what you felt was wrong, however we can look forward to have the code of conduct finished to clarify these concerns.

We also want to mention that we felt it was inappropriate to say that "at your earliest convenience" was aggressive wording for a common way for politely asking to do it as earliest as possible. Marking as aggressive polite communication alienated the people involved and we would appreciate for this to not happen again.

Carlos Soriano

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