Re: GUADEC sponsorship this year

Thanks for the suggestion Alberto. We can make a bronze sponsorship work. Do you have the dates for the event yet?


On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 5:02 AM, Alberto Ruiz <aruiz gnome org> wrote:
Hello Emily!

Sponsoring drinks would be great, however I was wondering if you would entertain the possibility of sponsoring as Bronze? I think it would really make a difference in terms of having a prominent presence of the GitLab brand during the event (banners etc). My understanding from last year was that we were too late to allocate any budget to get to Bronze. There are many existing  GitLab customers among our attendees (Codethink, Openshine, Collabora...) and showing support for GNOME many encourage the switch for other potential ones, as well as influence other free software projects to adopt or self hosted GitLab CE/EE, so I do think this will pay off from a pure commercial and marketing POV.

We could discuss the possibility of bundling a drink sponsorship with the bronze package as an ad-hoc deal if that helps.

If this is a matter of not having enough budget, we will gladly take a welcome drinks package that is below the bronze level (aka supporter), I just wanted to make it clear that it would limit your brand pressence.

Let me know your thoughts Emily, we really appreciate all the support we're getting from GitLab!

2018-01-30 0:40 GMT+01:00 Emily Kyle <emily gitlab com>:

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Hello Richard, Eliran,

Happy new year! Since last year I was quite late to the party, I am trying to make sure I give you an early heads up this year to explore the possibility of GitLab sponsoring GUADEC this year.

Is sponsoring GUADEC this year something GitLab would be interested in? I'm attaching last year's brochure for reference, the sponsoring levels will be the same, we are still in the process of updating it for this year with info on the new venue (Almeria, Spain) and the dates (which we will confirm soon).

Let me know your thoughts.

Emily Kyle

Field Marketing Manager + Swag Queen415-377-1506

Alberto Ruiz

Emily Kyle

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