Re: New user interface for 5.29.x

Hi Robert.

Thanks for pointing this out. In terms of Orca, we'll have to make some
(hopefully) minor adjustments on our side. I'll take care of that and
get back to you/file bugs as need be.

Just gave the changes a quick spin. I'm not sure if these are "bugs" or
"features." So I'll list them here for now:

1. Undo seems to be completely gone -- as opposed to the shortcut no
longer working (bgo 591486). I really miss undo and would like to see it
come back.

2. Backspace and Delete now clear the display. This makes it hard for
those of use who tend to key in numbers quickly, but not always

3. The shortcuts for switching modes seem to be gone. I used those quite
often. It's faster than going to the View menu.

4. My ability to convert between decimal and hex in my head disappeared
well over a decade ago. :-) Up to now, it was super-easy to use
gcalctool to do these conversions. Now that the "display format" is a
preference in a dialog rather than a group of radio buttons in the
calculator, making these conversions takes longer. Unless you're hiding
conversion shortcuts from me. :-)

5. I very rarely use the registers, so I'm not bothered by their
apparent disappearance, but I can see others being bothered by it. Where
did they go?

Take care.

On Mon, 2009-09-28 at 13:26 +1000, Robert Ancell wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just pushed some major user interface changes onto the master
> branch to be released in the 5.29.x series.
> If you want to read about them have a look in the NEWS file but better
> still please try them out with the perspective of a gcalctool 5.28
> user and provide feedback.
> Usual stuff applies for a big change at the start of a cycle:
> - Nothing set in stone, please suggest improvements.  Say if it sucks.
> - Expect lots of regressions.  Please patch or report if you can.
> - Feedback about the areas you know better than I do. e.g. accessibility
> Thanks!
> --Robert
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