ANNOUNCE GCalctool 5.26.2

The GCalctool team is proud to announce the second update in the
stable GNOME 2.24 series.

This release contains the following changes since 5.26.1:

    * Remove negative sign from numbers rounded to zero.  This is only
a partial fix as the error value is still visible in scientific
notation (Robert Ancell, Bug #560802)

    * Support odd roots of negative numbers (Robert Ancell, Bug #576973)

    * Keep settings (show zeroes, thousands separator etc) when
changing modes (Robert Ancell, Bug #580398)

    * Fix missing license text in about dialog (Robert Ancell, Bug #579174)

    * Updated documentation: el (Jennie Petoumenou)

    * Updated translations: el (Jennie Petoumenou), es (Jorge Gonzalez)

The release is available from:

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