[Ekiga-list] problem with windows version of Ekiga

Raj Kombiyil rkombiyil at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 28 13:23:31 UTC 2007

Dear List members,
Greetings! I wanted to see if I could call between
windoze and gnu/linux boxes - hence I downloaded and
installed the latest windows version (2.0.22-Beta) on
a windows (xp sp2) box. Btw, I have no problem with
the GNU/Linux side, meaning *no* Conn timed out error!
But when I tried to register, it failed- with the
error message - *Connection timed out*. (I have turned
the firewall off) 

The STUN test came out to be "Open NAT" and I tried
different options in the Edit --> Preferences --> NAT
Traversal, i.e., NONE and STUN both.. No luck. I have
firewall turned off, what must be causing the conn
timed out? I am connected using DSL (pppoe).

Any help appreciated.
Thanks for your time,
P.S. I would appreciate it if you could kindly cc the
reply to this addy.

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