[Ekiga-list] Looking for a VOIP/SIP client for windows that works with ekiga

Roman Antensteiner romanantensteiner at gmx.at
Thu Sep 27 21:43:23 UTC 2007

We've tried different clients for hours on end... So I'd really like to
hear from someone who has actually established a call between a SIP
client on windows and Ekiga on Linux.
The Ekiga alpha is no option - way too unstable.
Wengophone will ring on both sides, and while it will show a connection
on the ekiga side, it will disconnect on the wengophone side. And the
chat only works one way (wengo -> ekiga).
The wengophone client for linux won't work either... Almost exactly the
same problem, but the chat works.
Windows messanger... Couldn't figure out how to add a SIP contact! And
you don't even get to use it until you register a msn account. That kind
of disqualifies it.
Various other messangers either crashed instantly, or appeared to be
Adware Trojans of some kind.

Skype works. Testcalling did also work on both sides (Ports are

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