[Ekiga-list] Strange connectivity problem

Ben Jencks ben-ekiga at bjencks.net
Tue Sep 25 04:05:25 UTC 2007

I'm seeing a strange problem when I try to talk to a certain person. The
500 echo test works fine for me. When I try to call her, I get "user is
unreachable" in the general log. She can call me and it goes
through. During the call, I can hear her, video works both ways (albeit
rather poorly), but she can't hear me. When she calls 500, she gets

23:49:59 Calling sip:500 at ekiga.net
23:51:02 Local user cleared the call

in the general log.

Neither of us is behind a NAT. I don't see what sort of firewall issues
would let video work, but block voice in one direction. I'm using 2.0.9
on Feisty, she's using something recent (I'm not sure if it's 2.0.9 or
2.0.10beta) on Vista.

-Ben Jencks

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