[Ekiga-list] installation problem with address book - local contacts

G.Stengel gsteng02 at o2online.de
Thu Sep 20 19:42:50 UTC 2007


I'm quite new to ekiga, so sorry if I'm asking an obvious question:
I can't enter any contacts into ekiga's local address book, it always stays
empty, why?

I've installed evolution-data-server-1.10.1 which I think is necessary.
Running ekiga from the command line gives messages like

(ekiga:16328): libebook-WARNING **: Can't find installed BookFactories

This happens on startup and if I try to add a contact.

I'm running ekiga from KDE and have no completete GNOME system installed,
maybe some package is missing. However, all required libs seem to be there if
I type ldd /usr/bin/ekiga

Some more info on my system: openSuse 10.2 64 bit, KDE 3.5.5, ekiga 2.0.9

Can anyone help?




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