[Ekiga-list] Ekiga stopped working

Damien Sandras dsandras at seconix.com
Thu Sep 20 07:30:08 UTC 2007

Le mercredi 19 septembre 2007 à 11:45 -0700, Zachary Zelinski a écrit :
> When I remove lipt-1.10.0 and reinstall from the ekiga download site,
> and do the same with libopal-2.2, ekiga works, but then my package
> manager wants to upgrade libpt from 1.10.7 to 1.10.10. After doing so,
> I get that same message about not finding the right library. Wouldn't
> this have something to do with Ekiga referencing a specific library
> version, and if so, is it possible for me to somehow change the
> reference to use the latest libpt version? 

You are not forced to use a specific libpt version, we just force you to
use the latest version because most bugs affecting Ekiga are fixed in
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