[Ekiga-list] ekiga and pulseaudio

Sebastian Hesselbarth hesselbarth at ims.uni-hannover.de
Wed Sep 19 14:14:11 UTC 2007

 >> : Perhaps you should try on their mailing list... The problem is 
 >> : related to pulseaudio itself...
 >> 	Maybe.
 >> 	The main question probably is whether ekiga ALSA plugin
 >> supports reading and using the .asoundrc configuration at all. Because
 >Of course, it is transparent. As long as you use the Default device, it
 >will use whatever configuration comes with the Default device.
 >> so far it seems ekiga tries to access the ALSA device directly
 >> no matter what is written in .asoundrc. Using "ls -ltu" I have found
 >> that ekiga does not reread .asoundrc even when "Detect devices"
 >> button in the Audio Devices dialog is pressed.
 >It is transparent, and handled by libasound.

First of all, sorry for breaking the reply chain but I just subscribed
to the list.

Unfortunately, it seems that pwlib's device discovery does not use
asoundrc. I tried ekiga today on a machine without any audio device but
pulseaudio and alsa redirection to pa.

Same result: ekiga does not find any audio devices but 
aplay/gstreamer/.. do.


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