[Ekiga-list] ekiga and pulseaudio

Jan Kasprzak kas at fi.muni.cz
Wed Sep 19 11:45:53 UTC 2007


does ekiga work with PulseAudio? I want to use PA for sharing the sound
card, storing the volume settings, etc. However, ekiga does not
seem to work with it:

- I use ALSA audio plugin
- I have the following .asoundrc:

pcm.!default {
    type pulse

ctl.!default {
    type pulse

- "aplay something.wav" works.
- when I call 500 at ekiga.net, I get the "Could not open audio channel
	for audio transmission" message.
- I have tried both "Default" and "VIA 8237" input and output devices
	in Preferences -> Audio Devices dialog, none of this work.



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