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shaini joseph shaini08 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 11:56:57 UTC 2007

         I am a registered user with 2 a/c <shaini at ekiga.net> & <
roselet at ekiga.net>. I am also able to login .
whenever I call my friend (who 's also registered) it gives me different
errors like
"User not found"(even if he is online) "Remote user is not reachable"  &
call gets automatically disconnected .

One thing perhaps it would be helpful for u to solve the bug
while using the Configuration Assistant while detecting the NAT type I get
message :
Symmetric Nat type
while my friend
Port Restricted type (done OK to enable the STUN server)
Has it got to do with the NAT type ?????

while calls tried at following:
sip:conferences at fedoraproject.org
works (i.e calls duration amount to few sec) & unfortunately I dont hear
anything from the party called .

plsss     Hoping for a favourable reply

Thanks & Regards
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