[Ekiga-list] ekiga forgets video settings

Carsten Maass cm at blinkenlichten.de
Wed Sep 12 12:53:17 UTC 2007

Hello Gunther,

Gunther Furtado schrieb:
>>>>> Well, I am running ekiga on a Debian Lenny System with KDE 3.5 on an
>>>>> Athlon XP 1.8MHz on a SiS board and a logitech quickcam express (QC-usb
>>>>> driver). The settings I am trying to keep ar those under the video tab
>>>>> (brightness, white balance, contrast and saturation) but every time I
>>>>> switch off the web cam viewing those values are reset to default. Is
>>>>> there a way to keep those?
>>>> That's your driver that resets settings...
>>> Is there a way around it? I could not make gspca driver to work with my webcam.
>> Two ways :
>> 1) First possibility  : fix the driver
>> 2) Second possibility : save the settings and restore them through ekiga
>> (you will need to contribute some code there)
>> --
> Sorry! I do not have the knowledge to try it, not even nearly. anybody else?

there is a tool called qcset in the qc-usb-utils package. You can run it
with the approprite parameters prior to starting ekiga.


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