[Ekiga-list] Ekiga with Cisco Call Manager

aivaanan at cc.hut.fi aivaanan at cc.hut.fi
Tue Sep 26 10:20:00 UTC 2006


I'm having a problem integrating Ekiga to a Cisco Call Manager Environment. I
have the following setup: Cisco Call Manager 5.0(4) as the SIP proxy, Suse 10.1
in a workstation and Ekiga 2.0.2 as the Softphone. 

I'm able to register Ekiga to CCM5 and receive calls from other registered
phones (Cisco SCCP phones and other SIP softphones, such as Xlite). The problem
is, that i'm not able to make calls with Ekiga through CCM5. I've analyzed the
SIP traffic between Ekiga and CCM5 with Wireshark, and tried to compare the
traces from Ekiga to the traces from X-lite (X-lite and some other SIP
softphones seem to work correctly against CCM5).

I've found out that the working SIP softphones do the following:
1. send an INVITE-message with SDP to CCM5
2. receive a status:401 UNAUTHORIZED message from CCM5
3. send another INVITE-message with digest authentication information to CCM5
4. the call goes through

With Ekiga:
1. send an INVITE-message with SDP to CCM5
2. Receive an status:500 Internal Server Error -message from CCM5 (there's the
following field in SIP message, warning:routing failed ccbid=502

This a messy explanation, but i'm desperate to find out what's the problem or at
least narrow it a little bit. Has anyone here experience with integrating Ekiga
to a Cisco Call Manager environment? Or, can you advise me what could the
problem be related with (Codecs, other Ekiga settings etc.), and what should i
further investigate to find a solution?

Best Regards,


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