[Ekiga-list] Trouble setting up Ekiga for BroadVoice

Damien Sandras dsandras at seconix.com
Tue Sep 26 07:52:21 UTC 2006

Le mardi 26 septembre 2006 à 03:22 -0400, Sick Twist a écrit :

> I'm running Ekiga on Ubuntu's development version, Edgy Eft. Ekiga was 
> version 2.0.2 but it was just upgraded to version 2.0.3 and now I can't 
> place any calls at all. When I try to place a call it says "No common 
> codec".

Following the trace, only PCMA is enabled, not PCMU.

> When I was using Ekiga 2.0.2, I could only make calls when the PCMU codec 
> was the only audio codec selected. If I moved PCMU to the top of the codec 
> list but had the other codecs checked, I would get an authentication error 
> when trying to make calls.

Obviously. The realm, as indicated in the trace, is "BroadWorks", not
"sip.broadvoice.com". It is not a compliant realm.

> There is definitely something strange going on with BroadVoice and the way 
> that Ekiga announces what audio codecs are available. Here is the Ekiga 
> 2.0.3 debug output:
> http://pastebin.ca/182662
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