[Ekiga-list] VOICE MAIL service with Asterisks (I've currently choosen to use GIZMO)

Dave Sampson dsampson at ncf.ca
Mon Sep 25 01:36:36 UTC 2006

Hey folks, (again).

I notice that there is no way directly to have voicemail service with 
EKIGA.  Although there is mention of using Asterisk. Lets be honest 
though, Asterisks is not for the faint of heart, and still without an 
open GUI to help set things up, and concumes valueable space for a 
simple voicemail service for one user (correct me if I'm wrong).

Right now I use EKIGA for my voice communications and give out my GIZMO 
account for voicemail. But that is confusing as people want to call 
gizmo for my voice too.  The challenge with using GIZMO is that you miss 
out on their proprietary PROFILE setups and easy access to thier 
voicemail config.

The following are SIP's I use to acces some of GIZMO's Voice Services, 
which are usefull outside the gizmo network as well.

To check what your current SIP is:

Test Echo Service
sip:echo at proxy01.sipphone.com:5060

Record Custom voicemail with GIZMO account (see bellow comments)
sip:record at proxy01.sipphone.com:5060

Although you can record custom messages there are two challenges.
1. you must be logged in to the GIZMO network, which works 
inconsistently for me, so it doesn't actualy change my account (although 
it might be changing someones I guess)....
2. You have to have chossen "Custom" for voicemail options under the 
GIZMO Windows GUI profile manager. There is no way to modify otherwise.

Perhaps the EKIGA project can pool its resources and consider a simple 
VOICEMAIL setup available to ALL ekiga users. Even if the EKIGA network 
itself sets up its own Asterisks service for the benefit of its users. 
It would be a great addition and bring FREE open source VOIP in line 
with other services like GIZMO and skype.

There are challenges in cost, bandwidth and know how, but these 
challenges are what the open source community can over come.


P.S keep up the good work.

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