[Ekiga-list] Firewire cam

Arturo A. Araya ccellist at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 16:41:33 UTC 2006


Need help with the following. I'm using Gentoo and I've successfully
installed (emerged) Ekiga. I can connect to the ekiga server without any
problems. However, I have found that there is no way for me to use my DV
Camcorder with Ekiga. I have scoured the web looking for a way to do it,
and I see that I need to have a plugin installed. However, I've searched
through the Portage tree, and I'm pretty sure I have everything related
to DV camcorders installed. Yet, still there is no Firewire plugin for
Ekiga. I'm very confused because I know this is possible. I just don't
know how. There are plenty of instructions on how to do this with
Ubuntu, but they don't seem to apply with Gentoo. Has anyone had
experience with this, if so how did you solve it?

Thanks a lot.

Arturo Araya
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