[Ekiga-list] Trouble with ekiga + snd-bt-sco

Damien Sandras dsandras at seconix.com
Mon Sep 18 09:56:51 UTC 2006


Le lundi 18 septembre 2006 à 11:49 +0200, Thomas Bächler a écrit :
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> Morning list,
> recently, my provider and ekiga stopped being incompatible (still don't
> know whose fault it was), but as a result I can now use ekiga for my
> phone calls, which made me very happy.
> However, there is an odd issue with my sound driver. I am using
> snd-bt-sco from http://bluetooth-alsa.sourceforge.net/ which allows me
> to use ekiga with my Sony Ericsson bluetooth headset.
> First some explanation: Everytime the audio device is opened, it takes
> about a second until the headset beeps and I can hear sound. Everytime
> the audio device is closed, it takes about a second again, then it beeps
> again and the headset disables itself.
> Now, when I make an outgoing call, this is what happens: When it is
> ringing on the other end, the audio device is opened and closed
> everytime I hear the ringing sound. Even worse, when someone picks up
> the phone on the other end, the audio device is opened and is takes a
> second or two until the headset beeps and I can hear and speak. This
> confuses everyone I call, some even hang up when they say their name and
> I don't respond.
> Is it possible to only open the audio device at the beginning of the
> outgoing call and not close it until the call ends? This would fix my
> problem as the open-/close delay will only happen once at the beginning,
> when nobody has picked up yet anyway.

I'm afraid it is a complex change to do into OPAL in order to allow
sound events to be played on the same stream than the audio
communication stream.

I only see 3 solutions to that problem :
1) Modify Ekiga and OPAL in order to allow that
2) Fix the driver so that it is responsive enough
3) Disable sound events

The easy fix for now is 3).
The hard fix is 1).

I really suggest the driver to be fixed. I could also look at a solution
for 1), but given the amount of work required, I don't think I will have
the time before a few months...
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